Highly recommend the Demo Slaying process!

Macha – I truly loved every step of the demo process with you. Felt like we were able to ROCK, and capture my brand very effectively throughout the entire process. Highly recommend the Demo Slaying process! Now, I can truly say that Rob ROCKS eLearning and Explainer Narration.

“UNBELIEVABLE demo package!”

You took me by the hand, and walked me thru an UNBELIEVABLE demo package!
Your process works! 
Incorporating everything from script writing, selection of materials, practice sessions, and finally our demo prep and actual recording day, in one easy to understand package is great!
To say we “SLAYED” the demo is an understatement, but I don’t have a better word!!
If anyone wants to ever talk to someone you helped, send them my way!
It’s a record, 5 exclamation points in one review and thank you!  Make that 6


“Macha recently finished my first commercial demo (and first demo over) and I cannot recommend her enough! She walked me through the entire process, was very informative and communicative, and worked like a rock star. She is simply the best. If you want to spend your money the right way, and work with someone who is an absolute JOY to work with, go for Macha! I will be producing the rest of my demos with her in the near future and I cannot wait!”

“She’s Okay”

“She’s lousy at fishing, but decent at other stuff, I guess. I’m just glad she finally stopped asking me for money…wait, don’t put that on the website.”

“So Much More Than a Producer”

“I hired Macha to produce my promo demo and she did so much more than that. She helped me to find better coaching to ensure I’d bring my very best to our session. She wrote SUPERB copy for the demo and wow, is she ever a gifted producer. I absolutely plan to continue to hire her for any other demos I take on in the future.”

“So In Love With My Demo!”

“I am so in love with this I don’t even know what to say! The production sounds absolutely amazing and I love the choices that you made. The Nickelback spot is literally the funniest thing I have ever heard. Thank you, slayer of all slays! I could not be happier.”

“Macha’s An Expert in Radio Imaging”

“I’m an experienced pro voice talent and have had demos produced by some of the best in the business. Macha produced a radio imaging demo for me and it is TOPS. I think it’s the first demo that I love every second of, first pass. She is an expert in this genre and I am wowed by everything from her script writing, directing, production, and all the little extras…plus she’s just an excellent person and fun to work with. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND.”

“She Made My Demos Shine!”

“Macha produced my demos and I am beyond pleased! She was wonderful to work with and her expertise and knowledge made my demos shine. She truly cared about my career and all the things my demos needed to convey. Thank you Macha for being an Audio Slayer!”