Build Your Own Acoustic Panels for Under $150.00


These DIY panels are perfect for sound absorption treatment in noisy rooms, voiceover booths, music/editing studios, or home theaters.

For reference – pre-upholstered panels or foam pieces of equivalent size start at over $400 for 6. This is an easy and fun way to build and design your own of the same quality (if not better!) and on a budget.

Coming Soon: HEAR the difference in a treated vs. untreated room.


(makes 6 panels)


ROXUL ROCKBOARD 60: 6 pack – 24″ x 48″ x 2″

LUMBER: 15 boards of 1″ x 3″ x 8 ft. CUT TO: 12 pieces of 24″ + 12 pieces of 49.5″ Most big box hardware stores will cut the wood for you (and if you ask nicely, they will cut it accurately)

FABRIC: 6 Yards of (at least 58″ wide) breathable fabric 1 yd per panel

MONKEY HOOKS: 2 hooks per panel (can use standard nails, too)

ADDITIONAL: Drill & 2″ Wood Screws Staple Gun & T50 Staples




Drill 2 pilot holes using a 1/8″ drill bit (spaced 1.5″ apart) 1/2″ from each end of the 49.5″ board.

Using the pilot holes as guides, join each 49.5″ board with a 24″ board on top and bottom. (Make sure the 24″ is on the inside of the corner, not top)

Once frames are complete, using a staple gun, upholster the fabric neatly. Starting with the short end, fold corners and staple all around, pulling tightly before each staple.

Using gloves, insert Rockboard in the upholstered frame. If your cuts are correct, the Rockboard should have a snug fit and not require extra support. If you find it fits loosely, attach a fabric or elastic strap on the back.

Hang panels on the wall with Monkey Hooks or standard picture hanging nails.


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